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There are few things in life that are more emotionally challenging than those involving your marriage, your children or your assets. Anything that threatens the family unit and those you hold most dear are life-changing events, and the fear and the trauma can immobilize you. When your future and the future of your family is jeopardized in any way, the attorneys you choose to represent you and to protect the things most precious in your life is an important decision. A decision that will affect  not only the rest of your life, but as importantly the future of your children. 

LM Knox Law & Mediation, LLC is not afraid to take on what may very well be the most traumatic challenge that you will ever face in your life - dealing with family law matters and preserving your family and your assets. Our clients come from all walks of life and our firm prides itself on making legal services available to all clients who need legal representation. Attorneys' fees should NEVER be the sole decision maker when you are choosing a law firm to handle the most important case in your life. 


Everyone deserves an attorney who will advocate for them and do so in the most non-confrontational and least traumatic way possible.  If there is an amicable resolution to be had, we will find the way.  On the other hand, we are NOT afraid to take on a case that you may have thought was going to settle amicably but which turned into a full-on contested divorce and fight for what you are entitled to.  

Everyone experiences Hard Knocks in life, especially when it involves your family. 

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Attorney Lisa M. Knox


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